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DISCLAIMER – I am not offering any financial or investment advice, now, or at any time in the future.  This book is meant to inform and educate people about traditional financial systems versus digital monetary systems.  Purchasing any digital asset is an investment of REAL CURRENCY for something that is not tangible, use only money you can afford to lose, and NEVER invest everything you have on any one asset.  People have, and do lose money on Bitcoin, other Cryptocurrencies, and NFT’s.

Chuck Palm – Bio

Chuck Palm is an entrepreneur, computer systems engineer, communicator, and technology advocate. He is the founder of IPN, the Internet Podcasting Network, and World Without Wires, an early adopter of Wi-Fi technology and wireless communications in the early 2000’s. He has worked for the likes of IBM, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Raymond James, RDV Sports (parent company of the Orlando Magic) and the Miami Dolphins. In 1987, he enlisted in the Army, where after intense ground radio and Morse code training, he was sent to Germany to work in a radio tower.
He is married to his wife of 33 years, Kerstin, and has 2 children.

Chuck has more than just a background in tech and communications, he has been a tech trailblazer since the early 90’s. He worked on the early support team for Windows 95 and Windows NT and became one of the first Microsoft Certified Network Engineers in 1995. By 1998, he was part of a team that deployed one of the first Windows NT Firewalls on a Hospital network and installed the first Enterprise level Exchange email servers at the University of Tampa. In 1999, he started his first company, World Without Wires, and as a certified Wi-Fi engineer, began setting up secure wireless networks for Raymond James, Price Waterhouse Coopers, and others, as well as some of the first public Wi-Fi in arenas for the Orlando Magic, and Miami Dolphins.
He continues to sculpt and make pottery in his home studio and sells some of them online. He remains passionate about his work and art, but there is nothing more important to him than his family.